Empowering big health data: On our way to precision medicine

Dr. Ulrich Schieborr, Program and Partner Manager at Elsevier Health Analytics, held a talk at the Adlershof campus of Humboldt Universität zu Berlin as a part of the SOAMED graduate school lecture series in January, 29th.

Elsevier is more than just a publisher. Information analytics from Elsevier helps advance science, improve healthcare, and drive performance. As part of our information analytics initiatives, we engage in health care data analysis and precision medicine. When properly and professionally analyzed, anonymized patient data can reveal valuable information: for example, the available supply of health services, the efficiency of treatments, and the efficacy of drugs. It can also show how to drive down costs, detect fraud, improve patient outcomes, and much more. Individualizing patient treatment through the combination of health data analysis and precision medicine promises to significantly improve medicine in general. Research in these fields, however, is highly regulated, and numerous data protection rules have been put in place to protect the privacy, and data privacy, of patients. Elsevier has already been analyzing anonymized health data in Germany for more than seven years. I will report about our infrastructure, the technology we use on a daily basis, our solution strategies, and obstacles. Additionally, I will give an introduction to the work and vision of Elsevier’s precision medicine initiative, which is the next step in providing even better information for our customers.

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