The HEADT Centre biannual board meeting on 11 January 2018


The HEADT Centre held its biannual board meeting on 11 January 2018 in Berlin. This time the meeting took place at the Einstein Center Digital Future (ECDF) on Wilhelmstr. opposite the historic Reichstag building in Berlin. The HEADT Centre is a member of ECDF thanks to a new “Digital Berlin” professorship financed by both Elsevier and the city of Berlin. The HEADT Centre’s research integrity project, and its general focus on issues involving integrity and quality, complement a broad range of ECDF projects, as does the second more technical HEADT Centre project on Multi-Modal Similarity Search on Web-Scale Data.


The Board reviewed progress during the last months with particular emphasis on the Image Integrity Database (IIDB), which serves as a joint effort of the two core projects. (See the separate blog post on this.) The IIDB has potential to become one of the most visible attributes of the HEADT Centre work, both because scholars need a testbed where they can learn how to use tools for detecting image manipulation, and because the IIDB demonstrates the range of problems involving scholarly images. At this point the focus of the IIDB will remain on content in the biological and medical sciences, but the possibility of future expansion remains open. IIDB staff will also help scholars, publishers, and institutions trying to determine whether manipulation took place.


Another important initiative of the HEADT Centre are the seminars that are being offered internationally online to members of the iSchool group. The focus of these seminars is not the traditional about what not to do, but gives doctoral students and others a chance to ask questions about potential grey-area issues. As part of the Berlin School of Library and Information Science, the HEADT Centre will also offer a certificate programme on Digital Information Stewardship in cooperation with University College Dublin. Research integrity will be a significant element in the programme.


Marketing played a role in the Board Meeting as well. The Board saw excerpts from promotional videos that were made with the help of Elsevier on research integrity topics. The videos are available on YouTube.

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