Prof. Johann-Christoph Freytag (PhD)


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Multi-Modal Similarity Search on Web-Scale Data


Johann-Christoph Freytag is currently full professor for Databases and Information Systems (DBIS) at the Computer Science Department of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany. Before joining the department in 1994, he was a research staff member at the IBM Almaden Research Center (1985-1987), a researcher at the European Computer-Industry-Research Centre (ECRC, in Munich, Germany, 1987-1989), and the head of Digital’s Database Technology Center (also in Munich, 1990-1993). He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics/Computer Science from Harvard University, MA.

Role at the HEADT Centre:

Principal Investigator, Researcher

Fields of Interest:

Prof. Freytag’s research interests include all aspects of query processing and query optimization in object-relational database systems, new developments in the database area (such as semi-structured data, data quality, databases and security), privacy in database systems, and applying database technology to applications such as GIS, genomics, and bioinformatics/life science. In the last years he received the IBM Faculty Award four times for collaborative work in the areas of databases, middleware, and bioinformatics/life science.


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