Melanie Rügenhagen (M.A.)


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Field of research:

Research Integrity


Melanie Rügenhagen is manager of the HEADT Centre and does research for her dissertation in the field of research integrity with a focus on data fraud (since 2016). She also coordinates the MA Digital Curation (since 2014), which is an international joint study programme offered by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and King’s College London. It is closely tied to digital long term archiving. That is the area Melanie did research on for her master’s, which she finished at the Berlin School of Library and Information Science (2014). She continued research in that field on the project “National Hosting of electronic Resources” (2014-2016).

Role at the HEADT Centre:

Manager, Researcher

Fields of Interest:

“Doing research on data fraud means to work with pale boundaries. Data is a broad concept, and determining fraud requires determining its degree of severity. As with plagiarism and image manipulation, manual judgment plays a significant role in this. That makes it challenging to automate the detection of fraud in a meaningful way. My approach is to examine the grey zones of data fraud as a basis for automating its detection.”

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