HOW TRUSTWORTHY? An Exhibition on Negligence, Fraud, and Measuring Integrity

Goal of the Exhibition

Images and Integrity – Introduction

1. The “Greatest” Forger

2. The Dark Side Of The Moon

3. Real Worlds In False Colors

4. Experts against Experts

5. What Remains Of The Master’s Hand?

6. Disappearing Data

Text and Integrity – Introduction

7. Plagiarism Detectives

8. Censoring Environmental Information

9. Predatory Journals

10. What Counts As Plagiarism?

11. Text Recycling vs. Self-Plagiarism

Data and Integrity – Introduction

12. Misidentified Cells

13. Fiction Science

14. Answers Before Questions

15. Fake Parkinson’s Study

16. Monkey Business

Detection and Greyscale Analysis: Ten Shades Of Grey

Image Integrity Database: Detecting Image Manipulation



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