The “Greatest” Forger

Red Picture with Horses

Attributed to Heinrich Campendonk (1889 – 1957)

Forged by Wolfgang Beltracchi

Oil on canvas

About 2005

Source: dpa – picture alliance GmbH (website)

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dpa – picture alliance GmbH


“So I took a zinc white from a tube, a Dutch product, but unfortunately it didn’t say that it contained a small amount of titanium white.”

(Wolfgang Beltracchi, Art Forger and Artist; in: Gorris & Röbel [2], 2012.)


In 2010, Wolfgang Beltracchi emerged as a man who, along with three accomplices, forged a vast number of paintings attributed to dozens of renowned artists and sold them for millions to auction houses, collectors and museums.


In 2006, a Maltese company bought the painting Red Picture with Horses, attributed to Heinrich Campendonk. Beltracchi’s activities came to an end when Nicholas Eastaugh, a forensic art scientist, performed an analysis of the painting and discovered traces of titanium white, which was only used from 1916 on, while the painting is dated 1914. Beltracchi later blamed a mislabeled oil color tube for this mistake. The forger was sentenced to six years in prison for 14 of his forgeries. He claims to have created more than 300 forgeries, some of which may still be part of museums, galleries and private collections worldwide.




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