the headt centre

Researching Data and Text

“The HEADT Centre is an independent research organization that belongs to Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Elsevier has provided generous funding for the Centre, but does not specify or profit from its research except in so far as the research applies to the scholarly community broadly. Academic freedom is a core value of the Centre.

The HEADT Centre aims to become a major center for research on text and data. It is methodologically broad and includes all ways of managing, manipulating, mining, reading, and understanding text and data in all forms and formats. It will address issues from a variety of stake-holders.” (HEADT Centre Vision Statement, Nov 2016)


You can read more on what the HEADT Centre is and the goals we pursue in our Vision Statement.

Our core research activities currently focus on two areas:


  1. Research Integrity
  2. Developing Multi-Modal Similarity Searches on Large Text Corpuses


One of our key goals to establish broader international cooperation among universities and institutions with similar research interests. Part of this is to reach out to the wider academic public with our research output. That includes both publications and activities such as workshops and seminars to share our materials with scholars from various domains.

We will make the results of the HEADT Centre’s research readily accessible to others, including publishers, hospitals, and private companies with an interest in the results of its research. We will also develop a sustainability and marketing concept including both the acquisition of grants, consulting and training.

The HEADT Centre office will play a key role in project coordination, but will have other tasks as well. In particular it will help to organize broader international cooperation and seminars among universities and institutions with similar research interests.

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