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Exhibition: How Trustworthy

Exhibition Booklet Download

In late 2018, the HEADT Centre presented How Trustworthy? An Exhibition on Negligence, Fraud, and Measuring Integrity in the the Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm Zentrum at Humboldt-Universit├Ąt zu Berlin. The goal of this exhibition was to increase awareness about research integrity. The exhibition highlights areas where both human errors and intentional manipulation have resulted in the loss of positions and damage to careers. We are happy to offer the corresponding booklet as a free download for everyone who is interested in the field of research integrity.

Exhibition Poster Download Pack

Do you want to print and display the exhibition yourself? The HEADT Centre is also making available the entire resources of the exhibition for download at no cost. The download pack includes:

  • All boards including images and text are available in high resolution PDF formats
  • An exhibition on Research Integrity in the area of text, images and data, highlighting instances of falsification, fabrication, manipulation and plagiarism
  • German and English language exhibition including QR codes 

The exhibition is the ideal resource for researchers, lecturers and students to delve deeper into the complex world of Research Integrity.

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