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Dr. Thorsten S. Beck



Field of research:

Research Integrity and Image Manipulation


Thorsten has profound experience as a museum curator and worked several years as a project manager for the Jewish Museum Berlin and for the agency BERGZWO communication + concepts. Since 2012 he has carried out research at the Cluster of Excellence Image Knowledge Gestaltung where he wrote his doctoral dissertation on the topic of scholarly image manipulations.

Fields of Interest:

“I like to deepen the understanding of how scholars make distinctions between appropriate and inappropriate image manipulations. I am investigating how images are used and worked over to make results look more consistent or convincing and I ask what steps the academic community can take in order to preserve research integrity when working with images.”


  • Beck, Thorsten S. 2016. Shaping Images. Scholarly Perspectives on Image Manipulation. DE GRUYTER SAUR.
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