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Wjatscheslaw Sterzer (M.A.)



Field of research:

Research Integrity


After graduating in the joint master’s programme Digital Curation at Humboldt-Universit├Ąt zu Berlin and King’s College London, Wjatscheslaw Sterzer worked as a Proceedings Chair for the iSchools and as a Research Associate in the area of research data management for the Specialised Information Service (FID) Social and Cultural Anthropology.

Fields of Interest:

Every bit of information emanates knowledge of the given time of its creation. Ensuring the survival of fragile digital information over the long term is a very demanding cultural and technical challenge. Cutting edge technologies aim to pave the way to preserve the authenticity, integrity, and usability of digital objects with various strategies. I am highly interested in the means employed by digital information infrastructures to guarantee the meaningful use of preserved digital objects in the long term.

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