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InstructorKatarzyna Biernacka

Date: 09.10.2019

Fee: free

Venue: Universidad Nacional de San Juan in San Juan, Argentina

Target Group: Researchers and Doctorate Candidates 

Duration: 7 hours including lunch break 

Language: Spanish


Research data is part of a digitisation process in science that challenges aspects of scientific work such as reproducibility, reusability or sustainability. The professional management of digital research data is an essential prerequisite for effective and excellent research. The participants get to know useful tools and platforms for an effective work with their data.

Content and Format

In the interactive workshop, the most important aspects of research data management will be considered:

  • Research data life cycle
  • Research data policies
  • Data management plan
  • Structuring of data
  • Documentation
  • Storage and backup
  • Long-term archiving
  • Access security
  • Publication of research data
  • Re-use of research data
  • Legal aspects
The units are accompanied by practical exercises, through which the newly acquired knowledge can be strengthened and transferred to the participants' own cases. 


Participants are asked to bring a notebook or other mobile device with Internet access. 

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Information on the trainers

Katarzyna Biernacka is a researcher at the HEADT Centre and a doctoral candidate at the Computer Science Department at Humboldt-Universit├Ąt zu Berlin. She investigates the presumed conflict between the publication of research data and the issues of data privacy. 

All trainers are part of the HEADT Centre team. The HEADT Centre is the Humboldt-Elsevier Advanced Data and Text Centre. You can read more about the HEADT Centre and its objectives on our website.

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