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Perspectives on Plagiarism: Decision Making & Dealing with Greyzones across Academic Fields

  • 25 Jun 2020
  • Webinar

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

25 January 2020, time to be announced

Plagiarism is often considered a classic form of scientific misconduct. However, it often remains unclear how challenging it is to draw a clear line between intentional copying and unintentional lack of or provision of insufficient references when using somebody else’s ideas and/or wording.

The webinar “Perspectives on Plagiarism: Decision Making & Dealing with Greyzones across Academic Fields” discusses the different forms of text plagiarism, presents some established strategies of detection and asks about the limitations of automated plagiarism analysis and the associated grey areas that often make a decision difficult. The webinar will also present image plagiarism and its effects and will ask what the future of plagiarism detection may look like in selected scientific fields.

We will present multiple pre-recorded videos in this webinar. Each video will take a few minutes (about 3-8 min). After each video we will address questions from the audience and initiate discussion.

Registration will open soon

Prof. Michael Seadle, PhD


Dr. Thorsten Beck


Melanie Rügenhagen (Doctoral Candidate)


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